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SST Benelux develops, produces and sells floor heating systems for heating and cooling. We are specialists on the area of floor heating systems, temperature regulation and we have the knowledge to provide the correct solutions. It doesn’t matter if it is new build or refurbishment all our products provide a comfortable and energy friendly residential and work environment. SST Benelux provides a complete assortment of sustainable solutions in which flexibility, helpfulness and innovation take the lead.


Based on years of experience and knowledge guarantees SST Benelux the highest quality when it comes to floor heating products. Our experience in the workplace is used to further develop our products. We constantly work on new products and, naturally, we energetically respond to the latest developments in the market.

SST Benelux has a widespread range of products and provides for every situation the most fitting solution. Whether it’s a bathroom, a veranda or large utility projects such as factories or pigsties.


SST Benelux offers system suppliers and wholesalers more than a good-quality manifold. Besides the production of manifolds provides SST Benelux a full range of floor heating products which are well matched. In addition, SST Benelux presents a unique system which makes it possible to assemble the floor heating pipe to the wire netting standing up straight. In addition to the ergonomic benefits is the time savings of approximately 30 to 50% on the assembly a fact.

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